AAFA Reiterates Suppprt TPP and Berry Amendment

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(Washington, D.C.) – American Apparel & Footwear Association President and CEO Rick Helfenbein today re-stated AAFA’s strong support for timely passage and implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“TPP will provide opportunities for our members to reduce costs, stay competitive, and enter new markets,” affirmed Helfenbein. “Even a one-year delay in the implementation of TPP will cost our industry a billion dollars in lost savings.”

Helfenbein also reiterated long-standing calls for the Administration to fulfill its commitments to ensure the full application of the Berry Amendment to all U.S. Department of Defense procurements, including those covering athletic footwear.

“The Berry Amendment, a well-established staple of government procurement law, is vital to the survival of the U.S. textile, apparel, and footwear manufacturing industry,” Helfenbein stated. “Failure to fully implement and enforce the Berry Amendment on a timely basis erodes the ability of U.S. government contractors to create and sustain U.S. manufacturing jobs that are key to the growth of our economy.”


 Source:  AAFA