Bangladesh Denim Expo Doubles Exhibitor List


By Angela Velasquez

Show by show, the Bangladesh Denim Expo (BDE) aims to change the jeanswear industry’s perception of the country’s manufacturing capabilities.

“One of the misconceptions about Bangladesh denim manufacturing is that it lacks the capacity of offering the full package from fabric to finishes,” said Mostafiz Uddin, BDE founder and CEO and Denim Expert Ltd. managing director. “But the fact is that at present there are 26 denim fabric producing mills in Bangladesh with a total investment of over $834 million and our monthly production of denim stands at 30 million yards per month.”

The third edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh April 25-26. The show presents the entire denim supply chain from fabrics, washes to accessories and finishes. The entire concept is positioned to fulfill the needs of the international denim community by offering the opportunity to find denim products, and to give the industry a comprehensive overview of new denim developments in Bangladesh.

Since launching in Spring 2015, the show has doubled in its exhibitor list. Newcomers Orta, Jeonologia, Tonello, Panama Trimmings, Coats Bangladesh Ltd., Synergies Worldwide and Prosperity will join exhibitors that have supported the show from its beginning, including Absolute Denim Co. Ltd., Denim Expert Ltd., YKK Bangladesh and more.

Topics on innovation, technology and sustainability will be addressed during three seminars presented by Amy Leverton, Jeanologia and Tonello—issues that Uddin said are increasingly becoming a part of the industry’s vernacular. “Denim is a very dynamic industry… When it comes to trends and mass consumption, the denim industry isn’t exempt from the impact of fast-fashion,” he added.

With technology-driven exhibitors like Jeanologia and Tonello in attendance, the show is placing a special focus on the changing face of denim with a panel discussion on the revolution of denim, a concept that Uddin said the industry needs to work together towards.

He added, “Denim will never go away—it will stay in fashion regardless of its shape, design and style. The best way to stimulate the denim business is to analyze and understand the future trends. One of them is to add more ecological and sustainable thinking to the way to produce. Working together, we can plan and achieve the sustainable solutions that benefit our business.”


Source:  Sourcing Journal