Bangladesh Fashion Student’s Denim Design Contest


A design contest has been organized named “Bangladesh Fashion Student’s Denim Design Contest” on Denim product by design contest organizer by Mr. Sandeep Agarwal (Balaji Enterprises, India) and guided by Ms. Anna Troupe, a sustainable design lecturer and social entrepreneur (Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 3rd March 2016 at Radission Blue Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It was along with the fifth edition of Denims and Jeans show, Bangladesh (Denim In-Fashion Dhaka).

The students of Bangladesh Fashion Universities were involved in the contest related to denim products for an international audience. The University of BUFT, SMUCT and NIFT students has participated in the contest to bring out more innovative designs in denim created by local designer students.


43 students have submitted their design from 04 universities. Fifteen garments made by 13 students were chosen for the competition of denim and jeans Dhaka, Bangladesh. The best designs were selected after an extensive voting by all the visitors and exhibitors. The designs which got the highest votes were awarded the first three places at the contest.

In the competition the first place winner is Mr. Shovon Majumdar (SMUCT), the second place winner is Mr. Fatema Zohora (SMUCT), the third place winner is Ms. Shamim Ara Nasrin (NIFT).

The design contest sponsor Mr. Thomas Dislich & Ms. Deorah Turner (Vicunha Textil S.A., Brazil) were present.

Denim Design Contest details as bellow _____


Source: OTGL