Bluesign® Bluefinder(pat.) is Online


The new generation of the bluesign® bluefinder(pat.) is online.

 14 years after the release of the first online positive list for safe chemicals, bluesign technologies has launched the latest generation of the bluesign® bluefinder(pat.). This patented platform has already amassed more than 7’500 “bluesign® approved” chemicals.

Peter Waeber, CEO of bluesign technologies says „2020 is now – you can use the ‘bluesign® approved’ products for your chemical change management to detox the supply chain today. With the comprehensive range in the bluesign® bluefinder(pat.) all possible colors and common finishes are possible! Including more than 60 alternatives to PFCs! Additionally a recommendation for every single chemical product for the various possible end-uses is given – this is an absolutely unique feature of the bluesign® bluefinder(pat.). It makes a huge difference if a chemical is used for babywear or a tent”.

The chemicals that are in the bluesign® bluefinder(pat.) originate from the most sustainably acting chemical companies around the world. To get a chemical certified, a chemical company has to undergo a bluesign® audit followed by a corrective action plan to fulfill the bluesign® criteria for production sites. Only after implementing the necessary steps to fulfill the bluesign® criteria for chemical companies is a certification of a chemical product possible.

The key for a chemical assessment is a perfectly installed Product Stewardship Program to get all necessary data in an accurate and correct form. “It is well known to all stakeholders in this industry that a simple chemical test or a ‘Safety Data Sheet’ doesn’t fulfill the minimum criteria for a chemical assessment!” says Peter Waeber. A fully functioning “Product Stewardship Program” is the only way for a robust and systemic approach to get a constant quality (lot by lot – day by day) which is key to fulfill the sustainability and environmental requirements of all stakeholders in the supply chain.

“There is no shortcut to detox the supply chain – our long experience proves that a ‘bluesign® light version’ doesn’t work at all. With the new bluesign® bluefinder(pat.) we are ready for the next generation of chemical assessment. In 2017 we will launch for our chemical system partners a new release of the bluesign® bluetool(pat.) that will consider the latest technology for risk assessments including the requirements of e.g. REACH, GHS etc. The new bluesign® bluefinder(pat.) contains these functions already to be prepared for the future”, says Peter Waeber.

The bluesign® bluetool(pat.) was developed in 2001 and equips a chemical designer or at the end the whole textile industry with a comprehensive and safe instrument to fulfill not only consumer safety aspects but also to reduce the impact to the environment. The precautionary system inside the bluesign® bluetool(pat.) contains more than 680 banned chemical substances – this is much more than the largest MRSL from NGOs or brands. In clear words; all end-of-pipe aspects that are relevant for the textile and related industry are completely covered.


Source:  Bluesign