Celebrating the Future with a Jubilee

Jubilee On the occasion of KARL MAYER’s 80th anniversary, the company invites you to an
in-house show at its headquarters in Obertshausen at the beginning of July 2017

This year KARL MAYER will be celebrating its 80th anniversary which also means 80 years of innovations. The world market leader in textile machinery building will be demonstrating its progress-orientation by a series of events to take place, among others, at the company’s headquarters. The first event will be held in Obertshausen on 1. July, being an open day for the public. An in-house show for customers and business partners will follow on 6. and 7. July.

During these days the guests will have the opportunity to visit the company’s ultra-modern manufacturing department and the recently inaugurated assembly hall. This will be a good chance to get an impression of the company’s state-of-the-art premises. Moreover, during a technology show with high-tech machines, KARL MAYER will be demonstrating how the company keeps its promise „We care about your future“.

KARL MAYER’s machinery show is meant to reveal the company’s expertise in meeting its customers‘ various requirements and to show its innovative strength. Every Business Unit will be displaying certain representative machines belonging to the latest machine generations. The exhibits from the Warp Knitting Business Unit – a HKS 3-M in a working width of 210″, a brand-new Jacquard Raschel machine, a MJ 52/1 S and a RD 7 EN – will be showing their skills while producing stylish, functional fabrics for outerwear and sportswear. Besides, the visitors can expect to see new developments and gain fresh inspiration for the latest hot athleisure trend, and for the growth segment of shoe fabrics. The exhibition machines feature impressive flexibility, high speeds and maximum precision. By offering innovative technical solutions in their respective markets, these machines are setting new standards in manufacture.

Pioneers and trendsetters are also the machines belonging to KARL MAYER’s Business Unit Technical Textiles. For example, the WEFTRONIC® II HKS is a high-performance warp knitting machine with weft insertion to match the courses. It enables the efficient production of extremely lightweight fabrics which are suitable to be used as interlining. Besides, KARL MAYER is a competent partner of the composite sector. When it comes to the manufacture of composite materials made from glass fibers, for example, the Multiaxial warp knitting machine COP MAX 4, 100″ and the fiber spreading unit UD 700 are technical solutions of highest perfection.

The visitors of the Warp Preparation Business Unit will definitely get their money’s worth when having a look at the PROSIZE® sizing machine and at the MULTI-MATIC®. The PROSIZE® features a novel, well-thought out process guiding, thus, offering highest efficiency in weaving and smallest possible sizing liquor volume. In this way, it makes a significant contribution to the concept of sustainability. Outstanding features of the  MULTI-MATIC® are its high flexibility during sampling and short-warp production. Moreover, this innovative warp preparation unit offers an exceptionally high productivity, so that it can be used both as sampling machine and as production machine.

All the products made by KARL MAYER are of highest quality and the result of ultra-modern production processes.

In 2014 KARL MAYER started a comprehensive investment program with the objective to align the company’s production section to the challenges of the future. Major aim of this program was the strengthening of the core competence: key components containing the manufacturer’s know-how, should be produced with highest efficiency. The answer was a comprehensive reorganization of the processes, modernization of the buildings and investments in a „state-of-the-art“ machine equipment. The costs for the renewal project amounted to roughly 8.5 million euros – but the investment has certainly paid off. KARL MAYER’s production facilities – equipped with automated machining centers of the latest generation, supplied by well-known manufacturers, and efficiently organized work processes – permit a glance already today at the industrial plant production of tomorrow.

In December 2016 KARL MAYER officially opened its new assembly hall which is a real factory of the future. The building is 13,500 m² state-of-the-art. The new assembly hall stands for consistent production line operation with four ultra-modern rail systems and the latest generation of handling solutions. In addition, the supply logistics have been optimized: component groups are now provided by the Fishbone principle and commonly used components are supplied from a central supermarket with small branches to the main assembly flow. Up to 2,500 machines per year can leave the assembly hall in the future.

KARL MAYER is looking forward to welcoming its Anlagenproduktion guests to the various events. For more information go to www.80yearskarlmayer.com