Connections to Let Fashion Jump into the Future

Let Fashion

Connections to let fashion jump into the future:

The 6th Bangladesh Denim Expo is dedicated to Denim Networks

The trade show that has established itself as an absolute “must” for the industry keeps growing in numbers and events: now launching its 6th edition, 17-18 May, 2017, to enhance industry relationships and networking.

More visitors, more exhibitors, more space and above all more networking.

The 6th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo leads the way to the future and dedicates its main focus to “Denim Networks”, while constantly growing in numbers since its first edition. Over 10,000 preregistered visitors are expected at the show that will take place on the 17th and 18th of May 2017 at the Convention City, Bashundhara, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The main theme of this 6th edition, “Denim Networks”, is a clear choice that underlines the growing importance of developing long-term relationships and a shared approach in the contemporary denim industry, especially on critical issues such as sustainability of processes and materials, a theme that has always been the core of Bangladesh Denim Expo. Moreover, another great novelty of the 6th edition is represented by the extended space dedicated to exhibitors, events and the expanded Trend Zone. For the first time, the expo will take place in two different halls, with the fair doubling its space: the “Nabaratri Hall 4”, with a size of 40,000 sq. ft. will host exhibition booths, special events and the special “Virtual Reality Booths”, while the “Rajdarshan Hall 3” covering 30,000sq. ft. will host the seminar ““From ideas to technologies: discovering a new age for garment finishing” along with the special “Closing Ceremony”.

Let Fashion

All the unmissable appointments at the Expo:
Focusing on education and process learning since its very beginning, the 6th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo, this time, will host more special events dedicated to denim best practices and astonishing technologies. The program includes the seminar “From ideas to technologies: discovering a new age for garment finishing” by Mrs. Alice Tonello, R&D Manager at Tonello Garment Finishing, and Mr. Piero Turk, World Renowned Denim Designer, that will explore new trends in finishing through cultural, economic, ecological and technical considerations. Furthermore, the 6th edition will

feature several special event-displays that will capture the attention of all denim lovers. Amongst them, the “Tonello Denim Gallery”, “Sashiko Stitch”, the “Repair Display” along with the special “Information Exchange” and the absolute novelties of the “Virtual Reality Booths”, a fascinating virtual tour of a fabric mill, denim factory or laundry. The two-day expo will end with the marvelous “Closing Ceremony” on 18th May, 2017 at 07.00pm at Hall 3.

The expanded Trend Zone:
The Trend Zone, always a distinctive trait of Bangladesh Denim Expo, will be expanded and enhanced, incorporating a new information and exchange area. Highlighting the latest upcoming trends in denim for the A/W 2018/2019, the new Trend Zone will give visitors an insight into the latest denim fabrics, styling and finishing trends in Bangladesh, with a special overview on the most relevant denim related publications and design tools as well. A show that revamps its purposes and goals, offering a unique experience for exhibitors and visitors, who will be able to gain a comprehensive insight into the Bangladesh denim industry, discovering the latest trends and futuristic technologies that will shape the business in the next few years, gaining specific knowledge through the seminar and the expanded trend zone area, and, most importantly, meeting potential suppliers and business partners from the entire denim supply chain, in the firm belief that networking will lead the future in denim business and will be the key to build lasting business relationships.

Bangladesh Denim Expo exclusively featured in “See now, Buy now – Bangladesh 2017”:
The importance of Bangladesh Denim Expo as an event that has been able to develop connections between buyers and local companies is confirmed by the inclusion of its May 2017 edition as the only local event in Bangladesh in the calendar of “See now, Buy now – Bangladesh 2017”, a very important project that aims to connect international buyers with the Bangladesh suppliers. The project is promoted by the CBI (Center for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries), an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with BGMEA, and will take place in May-June 2017 with two exclusive Buying Missions. For the first time the Bangladesh Denim Expo has been officially included as an appointment of the first Buying Mission, adding unique value for all exhibitors and representing a great opportunity for the whole sector. “Network is a key concept of contemporary society, and the denim industry is the highest expression of this. To face the important challenges ahead for markets nowadays, we believe that is absolutely necessary to create connections, share knowledge and ideas, building together – as a community – the best practices that will shape a brighter and more sustainable future for denim”, claims Md. Mostafiz Uddin, Founder & CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo.


Source:  Bangladesh Denim Expo