Datatex Announces a New Approach

New Approach

Datatex announces a new approach to vendor management

Datatex presents a revised Vendor Portal immediately available as part of NOW, a 100% cloud based solution that naturally wraps around complex and global supply networks.

As supply networks become increasingly complex and subject to geopolitical shifts, agility and integration are now mandatory. Additionally, consumers are increasingly engaged and want to know the sustainability backstory of their purchases. In response, Datatex is offering the Vendor Insight Portal as part of the NOW ERP stack. This development puts NOW in rare air as one the very few solutions that features PLM and Vendor Management directly within the core ERP.

This tight integration offers our customers a significant advantage in terms of speed-to-consumer and top down insight.

At the heart of the Vendor Insight Portal is the RFQ Workbench. This feature allows role based interaction with the entire RFQ lifecycle from concept, sampling, purchasing and logistics. Depending where the contributor plugs into the supply chain, the Vendor Insight Portal allows tailored interaction that adds value.  Additionally, the cloud based architecture means that infrastructure requirements from supply partners are very light.


Source: Datatex