The Fashion Show of Fashionim-The Runway Show


A Fashion Show named “Fashionim-The Runway Show” on Denim product has been held on 02 March 2016 at Utsab Hall, Radission Blue Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The show was organized by Balaji Enterprises, India. It was along with the fifth edition of Denims and Jeans show, Bangladesh (Denim In-Fashion Dhaka).

Introduce about Fashion Show as bellow _____

Vicunha Textil S.A. (Brazil) Show as bellow _____

Envoy Textiles Limited (Bangladesh) Show as bellow _____

Fashion Design Institute Show as bellow _____

Ms. Anna Troupe, a sustainable design lecturer and social entrepreneur (Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh) and guided by all Student of Fashion Design Institute as bellow _____

Ms. Sanjida Haq Arefin-Luna (Managing Director, Green Apple) was present as a cardiographer of the Fashion Show and all Model presents as bellow _____

Mr. Thomas Dislich & Ms. Deorah Turner  (Vicunha Textil S.A., Brazil) and Mr. Manish Khanna (Envoy Textiles Limited, Bangladesh) was present as the Fashion Show sponsor. Mr. Sandeep Agarwal (Balaji Enterprises) and all of the team were present as Fashion Show organizer. Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, Mr. Thomas Dislich and Mr. Manish Khanna speech as bellow _____

Source: OTGL