Global Denim Innovations


A Natural Indigo Dyeing Workshop has been organized named “Global Denim Innovations” on Denim product by Balaji Enterprises, India on 06th October 2016 at Radission Blue Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It has been presented by Mr. Sandeep Agarwal (Balaji Enterprises, India) and using this technique for generations.

Endeavors of Denimsandjeans Bangladesh have been to bring denim innovations and new sustainable denim recipes to the global denim industry. Adding to the legacy of bringing something new., this time they have arranged an interesting workshop on Traditional Way of Dyeing and Printing Indigo.

Indigo Dyeing has been practiced in many countries in India Sub-continent, China etc. for over 3000 years. While many countries lost this art, the Indian Sub-continent still has certain artisan families who have retained this art and continue to practice this art for generations. Denimsandjeans Bangladesh has brought artisans from one such family from Rajasthan, India. This family has been practicing the indigo and other natural dyeing practices for many generations for 500 years. They have presented a worksop here visitors have seen how indigo was dyed in the traditional way. The workshop has created a classic vintage treat for the visitor and showcase this beautiful art which is slowly fading away.


It was along with the Sixth Edition of Bangladesh show (Vintage Recall).


Source: OTGL