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ITM 2020: Address of Great Ideas Turn Into Technology

The ITM 2020, which will be held from June 2 to 6, will be organized by Teknik Fairs Inc. and TÜYAP, Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım Inc. in partnership and with cooperation of TEMSAD (Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists’ Association). The ITM 2020, which is known by the whole world thanks to its success, will guide the textile machinery industry in terms of new ideas with the company launches.

Technology is developing more rapidly every year, even almost every day. Thanks to social media, we are now instantly aware of technological developments. A new one is added to the developments in the textile industry every day. The industry’s leading machinery manufacturers announce their innovations through special presentations and on social media. Many company owners await the international textile machinery exhibitions to introduce their innovations to a wider audience. And their preferences are the ITM exhibitions, held every two years.

The ITM events being held every two years provides the manufacturers with great advantages in terms of introducing their machines without losing time. Thanks to the ITM events, the companies can follow technological innovations closely and direct their investments by integrating these developments into their production.

The ITM Exhibitions Lead Innovations in Textile Machinery and Technologies
The ITM exhibitions provide innumerable advantages. The exhibition, where the latest technological innovations of thousands of exhibitors are introduced, enables the participants and visitors to get new ideas. And this proves that ITM is no longer just a place for innovations, but also a realm of ideas.

The ITM events, which take place with thousands of domestic and international exhibitors and visitors, open brand new horizons in people’s minds. Thousands of representatives from manufacturing companies observe these technological innovations on display and benefit from these developments in their production and develops its products.

ITM, Profitable Both for the Country and the World Economy
The ITM exhibitions, which are the most important textile technology trade show in the region, attended by many domestic and international exhibitors and thousands of visitors, remain to be an significant event where both domestic and international companies make sales worth millions of Euro, and many business connections are made.

The ITM 2018, which had left good memories for company owners, company representatives and visitors, offered unmissable commercial opportunities for all the professionals who want to keep track of the industry and to follow up with the innovations.

A contribution to the export figures recorded last year in our country was made possible in the textile industry thanks to the ITM 2018. The textile industry and the country’s economy saw a boom thanks to the textile machinery sold by the Turkish companies to the foreign companies and the business partnerships. The ITM exhibitions, where not only Turkish companies but also the textile manufacturers from all over the world sell their textile machinery, make a great contribution to the world economy.

Don’t You Want To Take Part of This Idea?
Applications for ITM 2020 continue at full speed. After you apply as a participant to ITM 2020, which is the meeting point for the innovations and inspirational ideas in the textile machinery industry, you can take your place in the event by talking to our sales representatives. Or you can come to the event as a visitor and observe all the innovations in the machine technologies closely.


Source: ITM