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Groz-Beckert Participates in Texprocess Americas and Techtextil North America with its Product Areas Sewing and Felting

Albstadt, Germany/Atlanta, USA: From 3 – 5 May 2016 the trade fairs Texprocess Americas and Techtextil North America will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia/USA. Groz-Beckert will participate with its product areas Sewing and Felting. The company will present its products and services of the two sectors in hall B1A, booth 701.

At the Texprocess, formerly known by the name of Spesa Expo, the visitors can find everything related to textile finishing and technologies for the development, acquisition and manufacture of sewn products. Whereas the focus of the Techtextil is on products and applications from the technical textiles and nonwovens sectors.

In the product area Sewing, the special application needle SAN® 5.2 – a further development of the SAN® 5 – will take center stage. For many years the needle SAN® 5 has been established for the processing of technical textiles. With the SAN® 5.2, the ideal needle for the sewing of technical textiles was designed, characterized by its unique geometry. To meet the increasing demands, the SAN® 5.2 was fitted with improved, new features. They include the double groove in the point area, the reinforced blade, and the larger eye. All these developments lead to a better sewing process and a secure loop formation. The larger eye allows to use thicker sewing threads without changing the needle size. Owing to these advantages, the SAN® 5.2 stands for higher productivity in the sewing process, protection of the sewing material, and a uniform seam appearance.

Sewing San 5.2

A service highlight of the Sewing sector is the Customer Portal with integrated online shop. The online platform offers a lot of information about sewing technology and includes a comprehensive knowledge database. Moreover, it provides a number of details about the sewing products and impressive animations of stitch formation types. Customers in the USA already have the possibility to order the desired sewing products in the integrated shop. Besides, the processing status of orders and shipments can be checked and invoices or order confirmations can be viewed.

Another service innovation developed and patented by Groz-Beckert is the INH (Ideal Needle Handling) process. It allows a trouble-free and time-saving handling of broken and damaged sewing machine needles. The INH quality management helps to meet the different specifications of the brand owners in a uniform procedure. Together with the customer, Groz-Beckert defines the appropriate process and puts the required equipment at the customer’s disposal.

The product area Felting will highlight special needle solutions for different applications of the nonwovens industry. As the Groz-Beckert range of products includes needle types with a variety of barb sizes, barb shapes, working part gauges and working part cross-sections, the right needle can be offered for the most different applications.
Felting Ecostar and Gebecon

For example, if a high surface quality is desired, Groz-Beckert GEBECON® and EcoStar® felting needles are recommended. The GEBECON® felting needle, that was among the top 3 of this year’s RISE Durable Product Award, is characterized by an increased stability compared to a conventional standard felting needle and, at the same time, provides a high needle elasticity and produces a good surface quality in the pre-needling process. The EcoStar® needle, used for intermediate and finish needling, guarantees a high surface quality of the end product. For products that require a particularly high tensile strength, the Twisted needle is the most suitable choice. Its special feature – the twisted working part – ensures a particularly efficient needling. It is used in the production of automotive textiles, geotextiles and other applications.

For the mechanical bonding of nonwovens, among others used for hygiene and medical products, Groz-Beckert offers jet strips in all customary dimensions and nozzle geometries – and made from different materials. At the exhibition, three jet strip version made of different materials will be presented: HyTec® Standard, HyTec® D and HyTec® GEBEDUR®. The material used for the HyTec® Standard is characterized by an excellent corrosion resistance. The material used for HyTec® D additionally provides an increased stability and protects the jet strip even better. Moreover, its surface quality prevents the accumulation of dirt. The GEBEDUR® version is characterized by a special treatment giving the jet strip a high surface resistance in the area of the capillary edges. This results in a long service life of the HyTec® GEBEDUR® jet strip, with homogeneous product properties.


 Source:  Groz-Beckert