GTAS 2023 is Launched

Digital Transformation Accelerates the Recovery of Vietnam Textile and Garment Industry

Vietnam is considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters in the Textile and Apparel industry. After Vietnam fully reopened its doors to international visitors, the local market has quickly adapted to the new normal and is back on track after the pandemic. Vietnam’s apparel exports in the first half of 2022 totaled some US$22.3 billion, up 17.7% year-on-year. The growth was fairly high amid challenges facing the global market. Though many difficulties are expected to face the local market for the rest of the year, Vietnam might fulfill its target to achieve US$43-43.5 billion from textile and apparel exports this year. The high export revenue, coupled with high-quality Vietnamese products at competitive prices, has recently made the Vietnam textile and garment industry more attractive to foreign investors. Market trends and the post-Covid recovery of global exporters will lead to a boom in the apparel sector in the coming time.

Despite optimism for future development, Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry still faces many challenges such as rising costs, global supply chains and labor deficit. The 3rd Gobal Textile & Apparel Summit Vietnam 2023, schedule from April 20-21, is a 2-day gathering of international experts from all over the world to share project case studies, discuss opportunities and deliver solutions for the major challenges faced by the industry. We look forward to your participation in 3rd Gobal Textile & Apparel Summit Vietnam 2023.

Key Topics

  • What’s the Development Plan within Next Five Years for Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry and Outlook for 2040
  • Regional Policy Updates and Master Plan on Vietnam’s Textile & Apparel Industry
  • Deep Analysis: EVFTA and its Impact on Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry
  • The Latest Impact of Covid -19 on Vietnam Production and Analysis on Trade & Tax
  • How to Fix the Woes of Textile Raw Material Sou rcing Main from China during US-China Trade War
  • Under the New Global Trade Environment, How Will Manufactures and Brands Work Together to Build a More Resilience Supply Chain?
  • Under the Background of Industrial 4.0, Will Digital Transformation Help Vietnam Recover from Covid -19 and Grow Faster
  • Rethinking Business Models for the Fashion Industry: Digital Fashion and the Metaverse
  • Quality & Compliance: Turing a Pain Point Into a Competitive Advantage
  • Fashionably Sustainable: What’s the next for the Garment Industry
  • Development of Eco-friendly Materials and Technologies to Adapt to Global Sustainable Fashion Trends
  • Sustainability Strategy for Future Plan: Environmental and Value Chain
  • New Trends and Practice of the Technology Innovation in Textile and Garment Manufacturing
  • Post Covid Sourcing Strategy: What Should We Prepare for Sourcing in Vietnam and SEA
  • Supply Chain Digitalization to Meet the Ever-Changing Demands of the Consumer
  • Digital Textile Printing: Explosive Growth Continues
  • Latest Intelligent Manufacturing Technology for Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry
  • Purchasing Must Become Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain and Production C hain Issues and Manufacturing Status on Current Vietnam Apparel and Textile Industry
  • Collective Actions Accelerate Impact
  • Revolution and Development: How’s the Difference of Labor Market Trends and Labor Cost in Vietnam from Other Asia Countries
  • With the Ever-changing Trade Environment, How to Manage Your Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Management
  • Investing in a More Sustainable Future, How Can Textile and Apparel Industry Get Vendors to Take CSR Compliance More Seriously
  • Apparel procurement: How to balance Vietnam and Other Sourcing Markets across Asia
  • Case Study: How to Better Corporate with Vietnam Manufacturers as an European Brand Company

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Source: UMS Institute