Importance of Management of Change (MOC) in Fire and Building Safety


A seminar has been organized as name “Importance of Management of Change (MOC) in Fire and Building Safety” for RMG Industry by ELEVATE on 08th December 2015 at Banga Bandhu Convention Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It has been presented by Mr. T. Adil Chowdhury (Institute for Sustainable Communities, EHS+ Center). He has been presented MOC in Fire and Building Safety in RMG factories.

It was along with the 3rdInternational Trade Expo for Building and Fire Safety-2015” and NAFFCO, the Alliance for Bangladesh worker safety, the Electronics Security and safety Association of Bangladesh (ESSAB).

Mr. Momtaz Ala Shibbir Ahamed (Case Manager, Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety) was present there as a moderator and introductory speech bellow _____

Mr. T. Adil Chowdhury speech as bellow _____

Source: OTGL