Jute Export Gripped in Indian Anti-Dumping Duty



Following the anti-dumping investigation into imports of jute goods from Bangladesh in 2015, the probe body Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) is going to propose imposition of anti-dumping duty on jute items imported from Bangladesh against accusation of Indian Jute Mills Association of lowered price and injury to domestic industry.

Anti-dumping authority India has proposed 25-30% duty on the jute imported from Bangladesh and Nepal based on the investigation outcome though there is no clear finding of injury caused by our exported price and volume on Indian local finished producers. Bangladesh usually exports jute and jute goods i.e. yarn, twine, sacks and bags worth around $900 million to many world destinations of which is 20 percent of our export to Indian market. Our 20 per cent jute export to India accounts for 8 percent of entire Indian local market share.

If this proposed Anti-dumping duty comes under effect, it could result adverse impacts on our local growers, producers, exporters and spur further trade imbalance of Bangladesh with India.

In the wake of above decision, DCCI is concerned about the unexpected treatment of concerned agency of India on our jute will have negative cascading impacts on parties involved in our local jute supply chain process, export market and dampen glorious heritage of golden fiber of Bangladesh.

When Bangladesh is working hard to improve and maintain a justified cross-border bilateral trade relation with India, this sort of decision is likely to be a blow to our endeavour. In this regard, our Ministry of Commerce, Tariff Commission and other concerned government agencies are urged to immediately take up the issue to review the entire technical process of anti-dumping investigation made and negotiate to with Ministry of Commerce of India to reconsider this trade unfriendly decision in order to safeguarding our local jute industry for the greater interest of bilateral trade between Bangladesh and India.


Source:  DCCI