Line Layout for Increasing Productivity

Mixed layout:

Factory floor layout is called a ‘mixed’ when it is done by combining ‘product’ and ‘process’ layouts to get the advantages of both types. A mixed layout can also be called ‘group’ layout.

Mixed layout can be used to improve productivity:

Using a mixed layout effectively, means that the disadvantages of both product and process layouts are reduced. For example, a mixed layout has more flexibility than a product layout, and this is useful for frequent style changes that is, one machine problem will not affect the whole production system. A mixed layout can also reduce the idle time (increase the utilization workers and machines) that can be a problem with process layouts, also material handling and work-in-progress inventory will be reduced. These are shown in the figure below of the linking section. Generally, mixed layout also reduces tooling and machine setup time.

Productivity-p-news-line-layout In the above figure, in the knitting section of sweater manufacturing, different products (different style of sweater) are processed in different knitting machines separately according to a process layout, but in the linking section, different machines are arranged according to the sequence of processes to produce a specific product, using a product layout.


Source:  Reed Consulting Bangladesh