A Must for Every Filament Yarn Producer

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The latest generation of the USTER®TESTER 6-C800 sets new standards with powerful sensors and targeted innovations.

The new USTER®TESTER 6 opens up a whole new world of quality for filament yarn producers, with superb new sensor technology and innovative features aimed at right-first-time production. For the first time spinners benefit from a built-in Knowledge Based System and data about twist– two of many reasons for a safe investment.

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For proper filament yarn evenness testing, only sensors with the highest sensitivity, accuracy and reliability can provide the precision data required. The new USTER®TESTER 6-C800 meets that description and more, with purpose-designed sensors which will set unique standards in this sector, making it an essential equipment in the laboratory of every filament yarn producer.

Sensor power, for guaranteed quality

The new digital Capacitive Sensor CC of the USTER®TESTER 6-C800 offers higher accuracy and reliability than ever before. The USTER name and renowned Swiss accuracy are the guarantors of consistent and precise measurement. The new Capacitive Sensor has the power to assure filament producers that their yarn quality will be right first time, every time.

The USTER®TESTER 6-C800 also offers several completely new features to assist filament quality monitoring. A unique automatic twist scan facility makes twister settings easier. Measurement results for the famous USTER® value CVm are presented as easy-reference graphics, with diagrams, spectrograms and histograms. These cover inert and half-inert values, as well as cut-length results.

USTER know-how is also built in, accessible through the new Knowledge Based System (KBS). This enables users to trace the cause of quality problems on the spinning machine quickly, without the need for extra settings or input from the machine supplier. A single click on the spectrogram display brings up the defective component on the screen. The KBS saves time, as well as improving quality, avoiding expensive claims.

Easy operation, easy investment choice

Designed-in ergonomics make it simple, even for untrained operators, to tackle any potential quality issues with confidence. The USTER®TESTER 6-C800has top-quality graphical user interface, with an intuitive touchscreen monitor. It meansthe lab operatives can stay focused on test results, promoting higher efficiency and optimum user satisfaction – while the decision-makers can be sure of a wise investment choice with the USTER®TESTER 6-C800.


Source:  Uster