NOW Kick Off Ceremony

Maral Overseas Limited and BMD Private Limited NOW kick off ceremony

Datatex is proud to announce the start of the Maral Overseas and BMD NOW implementation project, kicked off Thursday December 8, 2016.

Kick Off

Maral Overseas Limited is one of India’s largest vertically integrated textile companies, part of LnjBilwhara textile group producing over half a million pieces of garment per month.

BMD is also part of the LnjBilwhara group producing high tech fabric for the automotive industry among other technical end uses like aircraft and more.

Both companies are running their business successfully using the datatex TIM ERP solution for the last 16 years have now decided to modernize both IT technology emphasizing the web opportunities and the business functions being managed by the system. Main management opportunities to be focused on are the advanced textile planning and scheduling and detailed cost management and control. Both will allow the companies to improve even further customer service and through this also profitability.

Kick Off

After decision of modernization was taken, both companies went on a global search for the best of breed solution, wanting to make sure this new investment is used to produce maximum results. Naturally datatex was considered as a favorite based on the last 16 years’ experience of working with the company and our products but nevertheless a very detailed and professional search was executed again selecting datatex with pour new NOW product as the best available ERP solution for the textile and apparel industries.

The main reasons were:

Technology, the NOW ERP suite is written in Java and respects the world accepted JEE rules opening it up to almost all platforms of hardware, operating systems. Data base and browser. The system runs using an application server orchestrating the data server, application, and clients. Datatex provides in addition a set of shop floor systems providing high availability at the plant level.

Functionality, The MOL and BMD IT and functional teams found the new datatex platform richer in the required textile functionality with new enhanced emphasis on planning and costing, the main aspects of optimizing a modern textile mill.

Flexibility, NOW allows the companies to use the exact same programs and data base to create individual user experiences to all roles in all manufacturing areas without writing one line of code, assuring easier maintenance and release upgradability.

Reliability, During the ceremony, Mr. Shekar Agrawal Managing Director of MOL, emphasized the long and successful relationship of MOL and BMD with Datatex and urged the teams to use the project to create and manage changes making best use of the new system rather than copy the existing procedures. In a recent discussion with Ronnie hagin V.P of Datatex Mr. Agrawal also stressed the fact that the new solution is replacing a very liked, user friendly and efficient solution (datatex TIM) making the challenge even bigger.

Maral Overseas and BMD project is being managed and implemented by Infinite Computer solutions (India) Ltd. (ICS), Datatex BP in India.
ICS has been selected by Datatex as its partner in India for the sale, implementation and support of its ERP product NOW.

Infinite deployed Technical and Functional Consultants especially from the Textile and Apparel Industry for this valued project whereas Maral Overseas and BMD deployed a full time core team comprising functional leads from all departments.

The implementation comprises Datatex NOW across the functionalities of Base, Sales, Planning, Production, Purchase, Costing, Quality Management, Plant & Maintenance, Warehouse management, External Order management, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAMS), Computer Aided Textile Supervision(CATS, Machine Que Management (MQM), HRMS & Payroll and Finance.

Maral Overseas and BMD has joined a very well respected list of Datatex customers globally and in India where some of the country’s leading textile corporations have gone for the Datatex ERP solution. The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) has also introduced Datatex (NOW) as part of its curriculum in all its eight centres in India.


Source: Datatex