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The combination of the USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition and the USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 makes quality management efficient, profitable and secure

USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition – The passport to a new world of yarn quality

USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition – The passport to a new world of yarn quality

The job of the modern mill manager is an extremely demanding one – with the heavy responsibility of producing top quality textiles while also ensuring the company’s efficiency and profitability goals are met. Today’s systems for quality testing and monitoring systems are designed to make these challenges achievable, with solutions such as USTER®QUANTUM 3 yarn clearers and USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 data systems offering total control of every aspect of quality management.

The USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition installed in combination with the USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 leverages quality management significantly and enables production to be more secure – and efficient. The USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 enables routine tasks to be completed more quickly, without the need for constant patrols between machines or assessment of masses of data reports. The USTER systems provide all the quality assurance the mill needs. A single print-out alerts managers to any possible issues, and the USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 analyzes the whole picture, customized to the mill’s individual needs.

Planning and preparation for management meetings is also streamlined, thanks to detailed reports based on data collected from the winding machine control units. The USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 also provides the unique YARN BODY visualization, as well as a clear overview of quality and productivity trends. That means discussions are based on hard facts and decisions made on the basis of precise data. For mill managers and production personnel, daily issues take up less time, so they can devote their thinking to ways of improving productivity still further.

For the typical quality-oriented spinning mill — especially those serving competitive global markets – the major objectives are clear: a strong commitment to delivering the yarn quality customers demand, at productivity levels which ensure mill’s sustained profitability. Avoiding customer complaints and claims for off-quality is a crucial element of this. These goals are at the heart of the benefits provided by the combination of USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Editionclearers with USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 data analysis.

The safe route to defect-free yarn

Companies investing in the new USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition yarn clearers can expect rapid payback. Constant yarn monitoring guarantees customers receive the quality they demand, and provides early warning of any possible problems. The special and unique innovations with the USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition enable mills to achieve the goal of producing better yarn – which will ultimately give their customers better fabrics. Minimizing the risk of claims and complaints, and keeping customers satisfied, will quickly be reflected in the spinning mill’s bottom line.

Mills producing core yarn – an elastane center with an outer sheath – have are some particular problems to overcome. Missing or off-center cores lead to expensive claims because of wasted fabric. The Core Yarn Clearing option with the USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition has provided the perfect remedy. Unique USTER® sensors automatically identify areas in the yarn where the core component is either missing or off-center at a significant level and over long lengths. This potential cause of fabric rejects is now effectively eliminated before reaching the final package.

For fabrics made from mélange and colored yarns, variations in color and shade are critical – so avoiding this likely cause of ‘seconds’ is another priority for spinners. USTER’s advanced foreign matter sensor now incorporates a Shade Variation feature with USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition. Even very small divergences from the base yarn shade can be detected and cleared.

Hairiness variations in yarn can lead to a ‘cloudy’ appearance in finished fabric – another potential source of pain for mill managers. With USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition, the clearers introduce online measurement of true yarn hairiness, so that outlier bobbins can be removed. Additionally, in those mills with linked spinning and winding, it can now monitor the condition of rings and travelers.

USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition – yarn clearer and CCU (Central Control Unit)

USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition – yarn clearer and CCU (Central Control Unit)

Absolute quality control

Whatever might cause issues with core yarn at the ring spinning machines, the online control with USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition is the reliable safeguard ensuring that only `real´ core yarn will be wound on the package and delivered – stress-free.

For a mill manager, it’s vital that software is simple and intuitive to use, and with the USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 this aspect provides an absolutely indispensable tool for managing the mill’s article assortment and optimizing the production process. It organizes quality management centrally, even though production is decentralized production. Additionally, the ability to compare the quality parameters of yarn produced in different units is crucial when supplying the same customer from several locations.

Security is another vital element of USTER’s yarn quality assurance system: the USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 eliminates the risk of mistakes by staff. The system is secure, from central management of clearer settings to protecting against individual parameter settings and changes at the winding machine by unauthorized personnel. Full control is combined with total confidence for the top management.

Essential data, practical benefits

The combination of the USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition and theUSTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 reduces the risk of quality claims from customers, while enhancing efficiency in yarn production. USTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 is the archetypal quality management system.

Ahmet Meric, Sales & Technology Manager, Uster TeknolojiTicaret A.Ş, cites quality management with both the USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition and theUSTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 as a practical embodiment of the USTER® philosophy: “The USTER® systems provide a wide range of quality parameter data, presented in valuable reports. The USTER®QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Editioncombined with theUSTER®QUANTUM EXPERT 3 is an excellent example of how USTER handles data, so that spinning mills can benefit from the potential of data-driven quality management. This is a key element of USTER’s proposal for `Managing a spinning mill with quality in mind´ towards sustainable profitability.”

“I’m excited to learn how mill managers perceive the new theUSTER®TESTER 6 which we present at ITM 2016 in Istanbul.”


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