Rieter in China: Successful Forum for Spinning Industry Entrepreneurs Cross Str

In Spring,2014,the forum for spinning industry entrepreneurs cross strait organised by Rieter achieved a great success in Taiwan. The 5-day forum attracted nearly 40 participants from the China Cotton Textile Association (Mr. Jianchun Ye), top Chinese spinning mills, the Taiwan Textile Federation, the Taiwan Spinners’ Association and Taiwanese spinning mills.


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Stimulating discussion among the across strait entrepreneurs and associations

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Great interest in automation in Far Eastern

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Far Eastern management and representatives from the China Cotton Textile Association and mainland top spinning mills


The forum took automation in the spinning industry as its subject. The topic mainly focused on the solution to lack of labour and sustainable development, on which the attendees held a stimulating discussion, especially on the hotspots such as automation realisation, product innovation and spinning mills’ core competency. A subsequent plant visit was arranged to the highly automated spinning mill of Far Eastern New Century Corporation.


Total Automation in Far Eastern

Since 1998,the Far Eastern New Century Corporation Hukou Mill has adopted the fully automatic Rieter system including ring spinning machines (70 000 spindles) and rotor spinning machines (2 800 rotors). To ensure perfect product appearance and efficiency, Far Eastern integrated the whole process from fibre preparation to stocking and delivering products with highly-automated equipment like link system between roving, ring and winding, automation transportation system for laps, sliver cans, yarn bobbin, automatic packing and stocking warehouse. Even after running for 16 years, the machines still remain in a fairly good condition. “After launching Rieter spinning machines, the manpower went down to 10 operators/10 000 spindles and the production efficiency keeps 5 % higher than that of the peers, and the stable Com4® yarn quality is well recognised by their customers. And that’s why we installed another 9 Rieter R 60 fully automatic rotor spinning machines (3 600 rotors) in 2012” said Mr. Tianjue Lo, Senior Vice President of Far Eastern Spinning Division.


Changed mindset to total automation in spinning mills

The representatives from top mainland spinning enterprises like the Esquel Group and the Anhui Huamao Group expressed great thanks to the forum: it not only helped them to understand and learn the Taiwanese spinning mill management experience, but also impressed and changed their mind-set towards the concept of total automation in the spinning mill. They will review and upgrade their machines to secure a more highly modern automated spinning mill upon their return.



Source: Rieter