Smit & Zoon at ACLE 2017

ACLE 2017New zeolite based retanning agent SYNTAN ZLR 100 expected to be the star of the show

Dutch leather chemical company Smit & zoon will be present at the All China Leather Exhibition 2017 in Shanghai from August 30 to September 1, 2017, highlighting its latest innovations in Wet-end and Finishing. Smit & zoon can be found at stand Hall E3/B03.

Visitors to the fair will be able to learn more about Smit & zoon’s recently launched Product Passport. This easy-to-use booklet provides its users with information on the effects of a Smit & zoon wet-end chemical on leather and on the environment.

Smit & zoon’s Simplicity approach will also be highlighted. Simplicity is an approach that supports tanneries in simplifying their post-tanning operations in order to make their processes more lean and sustainable.

Of course, Smit & zoon will present a wide variety of finished and unfinished leathers in its booth – most of them focusing on the Chinese market. We’ve asked two of Smit & zoon’s Sales Managers what they look forward to presenting in Shanghai most.

Salva Vidal, Sales Manager Wet-end for China: “Our Wet-end articles made with SYNTAN ZLR 100 will definitely be a highlight during the fair. This new chrome free, cationic retanning agent is based on the mineral zeolite. It ensures an increased affinity of anionic chemicals and a high uptake of all retanning chemicals, fatliquors and dyes used in the leather crusting process. This reduces the volume of chemicals needed in the retanning process and the volume of chemicals ending up in the waste water. SYNTAN ZLR 100 also ensures clean, bright and intense colours and it provides an excellent bright buffing and writing effect along with a tight and very flat fine pore grain. In milling articles, SYNTAN ZLR 100 results in a stronger grain, less elasticity and a better marked pebble grain. All and all, a very innovative new product I am proud to present to the Chinese market!”

Angelo Canale, Sales Manager Finishing for China: “I am exited to show visitors to our booth articles made with our BASEMASK series. BASEMASK is the result of thorough studies and development with the objective to bring the treated leather to the best natural look and to the best performances, despite using low quality leathers. With BASEMASK even the worst selections can give surprising results. Smit & zoon’s Finishing division is a leader in the production of this kind of upgrading products and will proudly present them during ACLE.”


During the fair Smit & zoon will highlight Simplicity, the company’s approach developed to simplify and boost the efficiency of post-tanning operations. The concept demonstrates conclusively that by re-thinking and simplifying conventional processes, leathers can still be made to meet every demand in terms of looks, handling and other properties. Simplicity supports tanneries in their quest for lean and sustainable processes and will ultimately lead to a reduction in costs.
The current Smit & zoon parameters for the core post-tanning process are:
√  Six hours running time (in-between washing cycles excluded)
√  Two process steps
√  Short floats
√  Three retanning agents (acrylics excluded)
√  Three fatliquors

These parameters can be applied to wet-blue leathers of the average commercially-available quality.


Source: Smit & Zoon