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  • Understanding Risk Assessment

     A risk assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork, but rather about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace. Risk Assesment Terms –  Hazard – The potential for harm –  Risk – The probability that there will be harm (Coupled with the extent of such harm) –  Risk Control – Process for keeping risks acceptable including […]

  • Safe Use of Compressed Air

      Never allow compressed air to be used to clean people down. A common misconception is that it is safe to ‘blow off‘ with compressed air. It isn’t, here are some facts about compressed air that might make you think twice. –  Compressed air accidentally blown into the mouth can rupture the lungs, stomach or intestines. […]

  • Critical Path Method

    When planning a process in your factory, how do you identify which activities in your process should be given priority status when it comes to resource allocation and time management efforts? How to ensure the process runs smoothly without any bottlenecks? The answer lies in CPM or Critical Path Method. Where’s the bottleneck? Critical Path […]

  • Inspection Process in Apparel Industry Part III

    Let’s get to the basics: Inspection process in apparel industry Part III   My last 2 articles on inspection focussed on the pre-production and during production inspection processes. This is the last article of this series on inspection processes in the apparel industry which focusses on the final audit done by the buyer before shipment. […]

  • Integrate to Innovate: Building a Modern Information Environment

    Be it luxury or loungewear, fashion businesses aim to make products that sell, using methods that are as quick, cost-efficient, and sustainable as possible. Due to market pressure and the quickening pace of consumer demand, product quality and profit margins are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, and organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning […]

  • Energy Efficiency in Industry

     Motors: Electric motors are major users of electricity in industrial plant and commercial premises. Motive power accounts for almost two-thirds of industrial electricity use. Key Issues: The low cost of buying a motor can be deceptive. The electricity bill for a motor for just one-month can be more than its purchase price. Higher efficiency motors […]