Tea-time fashion


Stylish lace from a JL 65/1F with a bourdon cord

The lace on the smart tea-time dress featured on this page is the most feminine of all fashion accessories for the most British of all rituals in the United Kingdom. The openwork trimming features decorations and leaf arabesques in a detailed arrangement on a relatively dense ground.

Moreover, the conventional design stands out because of its outlines with almost three-dimensional conciseness – the result of using a bourdon cord yarn consisting of a polyester sheath and an elastane core. An 1800 dtex yarn was used and worked on a JL 65/1F machine.

Fitted with an optimum PPD, the Jacquardtronic® Lace delivers an excellent performance. In spite of the demands imposed by the yarn, it reaches a speed of 800 min-1. In addition the JL 65/1F with its long shogs also produces designs with projecting clip-pattern-like arcs, as shown in this example.