The MJ 65/1B – a high-performance complement to the MJ machine series

KARL MAYER extends the product portfolio of its multibar Jacquardtronic® Lace machine series

Good news for manufacturers of flat jacquard lace – KARL MAYER is expanding its MJ series of machines by the incorporation of an MJ 65/1B.
The multibar Jacquardtronic® Lace series unveiled its MJ 42/1B machine at ShanghaiTex 2013. This machine was launched onto the world market at the same time as the MJ 59/1B, the version with more guide bars. Both machines are based on the company’s extensive experience with the tried-and-tested ML technology but, by equipping them with a jacquard bar, lean more towards the production possibilities of the Jacquardtronic® Lace – a concept that impresses lace manufacturers greatly. With their exceptional cost:benefit ratio, the models in the new MJ series give KARL MAYER’s customers a considerable competitive edge and are therefore in great demand.
Spurred on by its sales success, KARL MAYER has also been offering a high-bar option in the shape of the MJ 65/1B since December 2013. Increasing the number of guide bars has enabled an even greater range of patterns to be worked, full-width fabrics to be produced efficiently in the crosswise direction, and wide bands to be manufactured. The machine was designed to operate at a maximum speed of 850 min-1. Just like its low-bar version, the cost:benefit ratio of the MJ 65/1B has been optimised, which makes it an extremely attractive proposition for all lace manufacturers, both in the lingerie and outerwear sectors.
This new machine is available in a working width of 134″ and a gauge of E 24. Versions having a gauge of E 18 and E 28 are to follow. As an option, the machine can be equipped with KARL MAYER’s Positive Patternbeam Drive and a 2 x 21″ beam frame for the jacquard bar. KARL MAYER (China) is responsible for assembling the machine, which is therefore carried out close to this major market for lace production. There is already a great deal of interest in this new development there, and the first deliveries are scheduled for the fourth quarter of the year.



MJ 65_1B-P

A machine in the MJ machine series