Understanding Risk Assessment

Risk A risk assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork, but rather about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace.

Risk Assesment Terms
–  Hazard – The potential for harm
–  Risk – The probability that there will be harm (Coupled with the extent of such harm)
–  Risk Control – Process for keeping risks acceptable including assessment and choosing precautions
–  Risk Assessment – Identification of risks and comparing them with simple standards

Risk Assesment Process
–   Understand the activity
–   Identify the hazards
–   Include what might go wrong – are precautions for these possibilities in place
–   What is the probability of the harm occurring and what is its extent?
–   Is this risk acceptable and low?
–   What precautions are needed – are they in place?
–   Is the risk acceptable when precautions are in place?
–   Key part is the communication of the hazards and of the precautions specified
–   Precautions need to be in place whenever the task is performed

Hazard Identification
–    Assistance on this key step comes from:
–    Experience
–    Using several people to consider the topic
–    Use of checklists to prompt memory
–    Learning from incidents

Risk Categories
–   Physical
–   Chemical
–   Ergonomic
–   Biological
–   Environmental

Risk Decision – form a view of the risk and compare to standards:
–    Is this an acceptable level?
o    Be wary of personal convenience swaying decisions
o    Also be aware that level needs to be acceptable rather than minimised

–     If not then need to address how to reduce the level
o    Identify the additional steps to take
o    Return to the risk assessment process and decide if the risks are now acceptable.

Risk Reduction Hierachy
–    Remove / eliminate the hazard
–    Reduce the probability of the injury occurring by physical means (e.g. engineering controls)
–    Reduce this probability by using systems (e.g. administrative controls)
–    Reduce the extent of any incident
–    Reduce the damage the incident may cause if it happens (e.g. through use of PPE)

Risk assessment is a route to getting people / everyone to address safety risks for a task or activity. Risk assessment is not difficult but requires effort.

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Source:  Reed Consulting Bangladesh